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Connect unfog to Wordpress

Method 1 (recommended)

1) Install the Insert Header and Footers plugin.

2) Hover over settings and click Insert Headers and Footers.

3) Paste your unfog script tag into the Scripts in Header field and click save.

Method 2 (no plugin required)

1) Go to your website's files (typically stored in a folder titled "wp-content"). In "wp-content" there will be a folder titled "themes" and inside the "themes" folder there will be a folder with your theme's name as the title. Look inside this folder for a file titled "header.php"

2) Save a copy of the "header.php" file in case you need to revert it.

3) Edit "header.php" and paste your unfog script on the line above the </head> tag.

Verify connection

1) Go to your website to trigger a page view.

2) Go back to unfog and click the "Check Integration" button.

3) If the connection was successful you will be taken to the Overview page in unfog.


1) Click the three dots on the top right of unfog.

2) Click the "Settings" button.

3) Click "Manage Websites" and select your site from the dropdown.

4) Verify the domain name is correct. If present, the "www." prefix will be ignored.